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Cannabis Horticultural Science Course

Offered as: Live Webinars - In-Person Classes - On-Demand Video Classes

Course Description:  The Cannabis Horticultural Science Course is a series of ten 2-hour lectures providing overviews of core horticultural science topics as they relate to Cannabis sp. for medicine and adult-use.  Experienced growers learn the science behind their cultivation practices and improve upon their success.  Designed for all levels of scientific comprehension and suitable for those without a scientific background.  It’s an excellent foundational learning course in horticultural science, as well as an effective employee training and credential-building resource.

Certificate: Students who complete the course with a minimum of 80% attendance and 70% on the final exam earn an E-Badge (electronic credentials) and framed Certificate.  E-badges are used in an achievement recognition and tracking system that uses Open Badges for competency recognition, professional development, and connected learning.  For more information about e-badges: badgr.com



2-hour lectures with slides and handouts.  Take the course at your own pace and schedule.  Read course descriptions here

Cannabis Production Systems

Seed Biology

Plant Propagation

Soil Science

Plant Nutrition

Plant Pathology

Integrated Pest Management

Sustainable Agriculture

Breeding & Genetics

Plant Architecture, Pruning, & Training and Course Review


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“Todd is extremely knowledgeable about genetic, soil, and plant biology.  He helped me tie my growing practices together for better plant health and helped to fill-in gaps of knowledge.  I now understand how the various effectors of plant growth interact with each other and how all the plant and environmental factors shape the growing environment.  Thanks, Todd!”

          - Brook Carhart, Owner Oregon Green Star Farms, April 2017

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“I would highly recommend this course to anyone intending to grow Cannabis.  The course goes into enough depth to provide a complete understanding of the requirements of each stage of the plant life cycle and how to provide them in a sustainable manner.  Todd’s knowledge of Cannabis is exceptional and he continues his education in his own garden.  His delivery of his knowledge is pleasant and easy to stay focused on.”
          - Phillip Gray, Operations Manager Buckweed Farms, April 2017

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