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CAN! Education's Women & Minority Scholarship Program

We are pleased to announce the winner of the Women & Minority Scholarship for:

Cannabis Horticultural Science Course, Winter Term 2017!

Eileen Erdelt is a single mother in Eugene, Oregon who has been a dedicated cannabis activist and journalist for seventeen years and seeks to be a part of the emerging legal market.

"I intend to take a leadership role in the promotion of this plant.  Its liberty is key to the healing of injustices to women, minorities, and the Earth, for it will provide a healthy, sustainable and abundant future for all of us."  -  Eileen Erdelt

We are proud to offer Eileen this scholarship valued at $995.00, are happy to have her participate in the course, and look forward to her future success!

CAN! recognizes that diversity in leadership and work force makes us stronger, more adaptable, and more imaginative.  We know this because the same is true for plant health when we cultivate a biologically-dynamic soil environment.  We also recognize that women and minorities have suffered the greatest under cannabis prohibition (as have soil microbes under conventional agriculture), so CAN! Education would like to make restitution and reward promising women and minorities in the cannabis industry by offering this scholarship valued at $995.00.